The December Progress Update

It has been about four months since we announced the 717 project, and it’s time for us to let you know what’s been happening. While we were working on smartCARS, progress was being made on the 717. As of now, we have an animated 717 external model ready for exporting to Flight Simulator. This means that texturing will begin shortly, and you will start to see in-sim screenshots. Below are our second, and likely last set of 3DS renders of the 717 before you start in-sim previews.


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Now, we have some things to tell everyone.

  • We are expecting a completed external model, including animations and textures in early 2013. We will, at that point, begin showing in-sim videos and more screenshots than before.
  • We have begun collecting the resources for the sound package, and but we have no estimate on completion.
  • We have purchased manuals and resources needed for the systems. This means that we will begin the instrument programming soon.
  • We are going to follow through on our concept of an initial ‘lite’ release, followed by the full release later on.

I’m leaving this unlocked for now, so feel free respond. Thank you for reading, and we hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

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