smartCARS Mobile Beta

Update: As of 7/26/2015, we are no longer accepting beta applications. Thank you to everyone who requested access and has participated in helping us to improve the apps! We are aiming to submit the apps to their various app stores during this next week.

smartCARS Mobile is now available for beta testing! With smartCARS Mobile, you can:

  • Monitor your flight, in real time, from any supported mobile device
  • Pause/unpause your sim and remotely enable/disable pause at top of descent and abnormal flight prevention
  • Receive notifications for abnormal flight on your phone
  • Chat (both globally and privately) with other smartCARS uses across all supported platforms, desktop included

Supported platforms:

  • Android 4+
  • iOS 7+
  • Windows Phone 8.1

Participating in the Beta:

To get started in the beta, email and request beta access. Please be sure to include the platforms you’ll be testing on. You will need a smartCARS Premium subscription to use and test the mobile app(s).

Issues and requests can be submitted via the smartCARS Mobile development tracker, available at


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Collin Biedenkapp

I am the lead programmer at TFDi Design.