This is TrueGlass

Today at the FlightSimShow in Cosford, we announced the new technology called TrueGlass. TrueGlass is quite a few different things at once, primarily it is a windscreen precipitation effect and wiper system. Secondly, it will also support icing and condensation down the road. We are happy to announce this new product and invite you to watch the video below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this the same thing as the default rain effects in Prepar3D V4.1?

A. No, this is a completely custom solution to add rain effects to the windscreen of the aircraft. It has support for speed transitions, wipers, and other weather variables other than rain. This system does work in version 4.0 of Prepar3D and does not rely on the default rain effects.


Q. Is it performance heavy?

A. Based on user testing and reporting, the rain effects have little to no effect on simulator performance.


Q. Is this technology easily implemented in other aircraft?

A. This technology is available to developers to license on a per aircraft basis. For developers reading, it is an easily configurable file and minor model modification.


Q. What does it cost to consumers?

A. With the TFDi Design 717, this will be a free update. It will be available via the Community Opt-In Beta for testing and verification, then we will be rolling it out in a future update to the rest of the license holders of the 717.

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