Bringing 2018 to a Close



This year has been a year of learning, accomplishments, pride, and struggle. As we prepare to call 2018 the past, I wanted to take some time to reflect (as I usually do around this time).


This year, we proudly released a version of our flagship product that lived up to our dreams. We also saw that same product launch to vendors (more are coming in 2019). We announced PACX and started preparations to continue on more.


We’ve changed as we saw the end of some relationships and the start of others. TFDi Design has always been by the community, for the community, and in 2019, we will be exploring that relationship more. In a way, we’ll be digging deeper into and returning to what made us who we are.


You will see new products, new faces, and new ideas from us in the new year. We will continue to support and grow our products and community.


As always, we appreciate the support from our community and it is a huge part of why we enjoy what we do so much. With that said, on behalf of myself, TFDi Design, JetStream Radio, and our friends and partners, I wish you all a safe, fun, and happy New Year.

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Collin Biedenkapp

I am the lead programmer at TFDi Design.